The features a botulism update

As hay prices have gone up, some vets have seen increased numbers of equine botulism cases, according to a botulism update from The Horse.

With prices rising, owners may resort to feeding from large round bales, which make it more difficult to inspect for bad spots that may harbor the bacteria that produces botulism toxin. […]

Meet the villain: Clostridium botulinum

Every story has an antagonist, and the story of equine botulism is no different.

In this case, the villain is a bacterium, Clostridium botulinum, which produces the neurotoxin that causes equine botulism.

These Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria are anaerobic, which means they flourish in conditions with low oxygen, such as decaying forage. They most often are […]

Ask the Vet Live event tackles equine botulism

Last night, people around the world tuned in to learn about equine botulism.

If you missed last night’s Ask the Vet Live event hosted by The, don’t worry. The archived version of the chat is here, and we’ve summed up some of the highlights below.

The chat featured Neogen’s Director of Professional Services, Dr. […]

Neogen vet to discuss botulism on Ask the Vet Live

Have a question about equine botulism? Join The’s Ask the Vet live event at 7:50 p.m. this Thursday, April 25, which will focus on horses and botulism. Dr. James Little, Neogen’s director of professional services, and Dr. Amy Johnson, assistant professor of large animal medicine and neurology at the University of Pennsylvania, will be […]

Botulism exposed: Raising awareness of a deadly disease

Equine botulism often is referred to as a “silent killer” and for good reason. It’s silent not only in the way it infects horses but also in the way that it rapidly sickens, and sadly, often kills them.

The bacteria that cause it lives in material horses have contact with every day – soil, forage, […]