‘Devastated’ owners say deaths could have been prevented

Talk radio plays in the background of a barn, a rooster crows and ducks quack. But the sound of Newfoundland ponies clomping across the floor is gone.

In Winterton, Canada two owners are mourning the sudden loss of their two ponies, which are believed to have died from botulism, a highly fatal, neurologic disease often […]

Barr: Icelandic Broodmare

“People think that because they don’t live in a high-risk area their horse isn’t going to get botulism,” says Bonnie Barr VMD, Dipl. ACVIM. “That’s not necessarily true, especially if your horse


A tale with two endings

When it rains, it pours. This is unfortunately the case for a lot of things in life, and equine botulism is no exception. A recent article in The Fence Post relays the danger of the disease spreading quickly after one horse is infected.

The article follows the


Share your story

Sometimes, sad stories need to be told to prevent other tragic tales.

Soon, Neogen’s equine botulism blog will showcase a series of stories from those who have witnessed equine botulism and its devastating effects firsthand. We believe one of the best ways to spread awareness is to share real-world cases experienced by people in different […]