The heat-resistant ‘cow of the future’

Photo by Raluca Mateescu

Time for some cow math. Angus + Brahman = Brangus.

Angus cattle, originally from Scotland, are one of the most popular breeds for beef in the world. With black or red coloring and natural lack of horns, the breed is used for crossbreeding to introduce positive traits in cows. Angus […]

Recessive trait that causes extra limbs in Angus cattle identified, Neogen launches test

Cattlemen are hoping to weed out a newly discovered genetic defect in Angus cattle.

Developmental duplication, or DD, is a recessive defect that causes the calves to develop extra limbs (most commonly, extra front legs), a condition called polymelia. Calves affected by DD often die in utero. However, animals born with extra limbs can […]