How will animals handle the solar eclipse?

On Monday, Aug. 21, much of the U.S. is going to go dark during the afternoon when the moon passes in front of the sun; the first total solar eclipse visible in the continental states in nearly 40 years.

(For those of you in South America, Africa and Europe, you may be able to see […]

6 Reasons dogs chase their tails

[ SPANISH ] It usually happens out of the blue: you’re reclining in your living room and suddenly your dog stands up and starts running in circles, chasing its tail. Apart from it being kind of hilarious, there may be some very legitimate reasons that your dog decides to start attacking a part of its […]

6 weird animal facts explained

Confession: My dog gets nervous around her reflection. I wish I was kidding. Sometimes, she’ll just get up and start barking at her reflection in the window or the mirror. It’s actually pretty hilarious, and one of her many weird quirks (and totally normal).

Second confession: One of my friend’s cats refuses to drink water […]