Deadly neurotoxin causes recall of Maine’s mussels and clams

The deadly neurotoxin believed to infect hundreds of birds in 1961 and inspire the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds,” has been reported by Maine’s Department of Marine Resources and has resulted in the recall of mussels and clams harvested within the state.

Known as domoic acid, this marine biotoxin is secreted by algal blooms, and […]

Marine toxins halt shellfish harvest at Scottish site

High levels of naturally-occurring toxins at a shellfish harvesting site in Scotland have led to the site’s closure.

About 70 people have reported symptoms that are consistent with diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP), which is caused by the consumption of toxins in the okadaic group. The toxins are produced by the marine dinoflagellates such as Dinophysis, […]