Americans: ‘Expect a very buggy spring and summer’

The forecasters of the annual Bug Barometer for the spring and summer in the United States are now about as popular as weather forecasters who predict a cold and wet Fourth of July weekend.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has released its bi-annual Bug Barometer, a guide depicting expected pest activity throughout the U.S. […]

6 Reasons dogs chase their tails

[ SPANISH ] It usually happens out of the blue: you’re reclining in your living room and suddenly your dog stands up and starts running in circles, chasing its tail. Apart from it being kind of hilarious, there may be some very legitimate reasons that your dog decides to start attacking a part of its […]

Ticked off beef: Tick bites may lead to meat allergy

Tick bites are bad enough on their own, but doctors now suspect bites from a certain species may lead to a red meat allergy.

A large number of cases involving people who suddenly developed an allergy to red meat have cropped up in the central and southern U.S. Researchers believe a tiny parasite is to […]