Tox Tuesday: Australia’s search for a drug testing unicorn

As road safety becomes an even higher priority all around the world, governments seek to develop the most advanced tools to protect the public from intoxicated drivers on their roads.

A case in point is Australia and its roadside drug testing program.

Last October, Australia’s National Drug Driving Working Group released a report stating that the government is seeking a second generational solution for its roadside drug testing program.

The initiative comes from the government’s need to switch to a technology that is more reliable, faster and more economic.

This doesn’t mean that the current program is not successful. In fact, [ More … ]

Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Report: July 15, 2019

Welcome back to another Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Report! In this week’s report: Crop advances due to warmer and drier weather, reports of DON confirmed in 9 states, and our special guest John Winchell of Alltech talks about animal nutrition and managing mycotoxins with livestock producers. Watch the video here. [ More … ]

Stop by booth 141 at IAFP 2019!

Once again, food safety industry leaders from all around the world will meet at the International Association of Food Protection’s (IAFP) annual meeting, and Neogen, without a doubt, will be part of this year’s event as well.

“Neogen is always happy to assist and be a participant of the biggest food safety event of the year,” said Neogen’s John Geisler. “IAFP provides industry experts with a valuable forum to exchange information and tools on ensuring food safety, and everyone involved in the farm-to-table process should be an attendee.”

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Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Report: July 9, 2019

On this week’s Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Report: Crops advance due to drier weather, new DON reports in winter wheat, and Tony gives us tips on particle size for analysis. Watch the video here.

Neogen Corporation takes great care to ensure the integrity of the data we collect from many sources across the country.

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Neogen takes the lead on sheep DNA testing in Australia

Sheep CRC chief executive James Rowe (right) hands over the reins to Neogen Australasia director Jason Lilly (left).

Sheep CRC chief executive James Rowe (right) hands over the reins to Neogen Australasia director Jason Lilly (left).

Sheep DNA testing has entered a new era in Australia, with Neogen Australasia today officially taking the lead on genomic test delivery.

Neogen will now be the single point of contact for purchase and processing of DNA tests for sheep breeders, following the closure of the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) on June 30.

Neogen will now retail and process the full range of former Sheep CRC DNA tests, including the Sheep Genomic test for a range of trait profiles, Parentage and Horn/Poll, as well as the Flock Profile test for commercial Merino breeders.

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Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Report: July 1, 2019

It’s finally happening! Our awaited Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Report series is back and better than ever. This week’s video touches on this year’s rainy spring causing delays for planting, and looks into high confirmed reports of DON in North Carolina and Maryland areas. Also, don’t forget to check our Tech Tip of the week with Tony Lupo. Watch the video here.

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Global alliance Farming for Generations launches to transform dairy farming towards regenerative agriculture

Paris, 26 June 2019 – Eight agricultural sector leaders announced Farming for Generations, a unique, global collaboration to support dairy farmers to adopt regenerative agricultural practices that preserve and renew our planet’s resources, respect animal welfare and ensure the long-term economic viability of farms for the next generation.

Recognizing that the food system needs to change to address a range of environmental and health challenges, the alliance is convinced that agriculture is a solution, and that dairy farming specifically has a key role to play in building the sustainable food systems of tomorrow.

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Update: African swine fever spreads into Southeast Asia

African swine fever (ASF), a viral and devastating disease to pigs but harmless to humans, has crossed borders into additional countries in Southeast Asia.

Last February, public health authorities reported multiple ASF cases spreading from China into Vietnam, forcing pork producers to make the call on millions of animals.

Later in April, the virus made its way to Cambodia, causing massive losses for the husbandry sector as well.

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Potential increase of histamine outbreaks in Europe: What can seafood producers do to prevent an outbreak?

Histamine outbreaks could be an increasing problem in the old continent for some years to come.

Also known as scombroid food poisoning, histamine food poisoning (HFP) is a foodborne illness that results from the consumption of fish containing high levels of histamine due to inadequate storage or poor processing.

In 2017 alone, this allergy-like disease resulted in 117 outbreaks, leaving 572 people sick across Europe.

Previous years have also seen outbreaks of HFP. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), from 2010 to 2017, 599 cases of HFP were reported in the European Union.

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Third annual Neogen 5K breaks previous records

The numbers are in — the third annual Neogen 5K, which took place May 11 in Lansing, Michigan and raises money for the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center, has smashed previous fundraising records out of the water.

Together with 5K participants and community partners, we’re able to donate $27,000 this year to the Sparrow Foundation, which collects the funds to benefit the cancer center. This means that all-in-all, we’ve given nearly $70,000 to the center in the past three years through the 5K. What an accomplishment!

The yearly event is a walk/run taking place near Neogen’s Lansing headquarters. While some participants opt to test their mettle and race, many others in the community join together to walk for a good cause.

This year, nearly 200 walkers and runners participated from across Michigan. Our top race finisher was Griffin Bohannon, who clocked a time of 14:53, beating his time last year of 15:34 (yes, he won the race last year as well!).

We’d like to extend an enormous thank you to everyone who made this donation possible. Their time, energy and contributions will support an invaluable resource that saves lives, and we cannot be more honored that this race has soared to such heights.

We already look forward to what next year’s event will bring.