World Trade Organization: U.S. rules about country of origin label on meat wrong

The U.S. must make changes to a program requiring the labeling of meat with its country of origin, following a ruling handed down from the World Trade Organization (WTO) today.

The law required U.S. grocers to label beef, pork, chicken and lamb with their country of origin, or post signs with the information. It was […]

Study: Mortality rates high in dogs with aflatoxicosis

The majority of dogs with aflatoxicosis (a condition resulting from the ingestion of the mycotoxin aflatoxin) won’t survive the illness, according to a recent study published in the journal Research in Veterinary Science.

About 68 percent of dogs suffering from aflatoxicosis in a recent study died from the illness, according to a paper from researchers […]

Neurotoxins such as domoic acid can disrupt salmon brain activity

There’s something in the water.

And it’s making salmon go crazy.

OK, maybe not crazy, but new research shows salmon that have been exposed to algal neurotoxins such as domoic acid, saxitoxin and brevetoxin exhibit changes in their behavior and brain activity.

The study, published online June 25 in Science Daily, also found small doses […]

GeneSeek teams up with the North American Limousin Foundation

New partnerships are a wonderful thing.

Neogen’s genomics subsidiary, GeneSeek®, has partnered with the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) to provide genomic testing services and an exclusive product, the new Igenity®-enabled Limousin Genomic Profiler.

GeneSeek specializes in SNP profiling, marker-assisted selection, disease diagnostics and identity management for agricultural and veterinary applications. Neogen, GeneSeek’s parent company, […]

Study: Rates of severe reactions to food allergens in kids higher than previously indicated

Severe allergic reactions are more common in young kids than previously thought according to a study published yesterday.

Kids with milk and egg allergies suffer reactions to these foods more often than expected, while at the same time caregivers are hesitant to give epinephrine during reactions, which combats the symptoms of an allergic reaction, according […]

CDC report: E. coli O145 outbreak up to 15 confirmed cases

E. coli

A new confirmed case of E. coli O145 in Louisiana brings the number sickened in the recent outbreak up to 15 as investigators still search for a cause.

The symptoms for the latest confirmed case began at the end of April, the same time period as the other cases linked to the […]

Gearing up for a new week with the Monday links

Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest food safety, animal safety, life sciences and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Food safety

June 22 constituent update – FSIS

How to reduce the chance of catching a foodborne illness after a wildfire, new chloramphenicol testing protocols and an extended comment period for […]

It needs a bit of salt: University of Maryland researchers find new method for Salmonella vaccination

Want to prevent Salmonella infection?

Someday, all it could take is a bit of special salt.

University of Maryland researchers have come up with a new solution for treating the bacteria, which can cause illnesses ranging from gastrointestinal issues to typhoid fever depending on the strain.

But it’s not the salt itself that carries the […]

Study: New method for clearing toxins from body is effective

E. coli

Researchers at Tufts University have found a new way to clear toxins from the human body, according to a study published in PLoS ONE.

The toxins often are produced by foodborne bacteria such as E.coli, certain strains of which produce Shiga toxin, and environmental bacteria, such as Clostridium botulinum, both of which […]

Fairfield, N.J., police vehicles to carry Epi-Pens

Those suffering from severe allergies in a New Jersey town can rest a bit easier.

The Fairfield, N.J., police department recently announced they will begin carrying Epi-Pens in their police vehicles. The devices are used to treat severe, life-threatening allergic reactions.

The Fairfield police department is one of only six departments in New Jersey so […]