USDA allows some Japanese beef, including Kobe, back into U.S.

Photo credit: Orlando G. Calvo/Wikimedia Commons

Think you ate a Kobe steak in the United States in the last few years?

Chances are it probably wasn’t actually Kobe. But fear not, the USDA recently approved some imports of Japanese beef, including the famous Kobe, according to Forbes.

Kobe beef is renowned throughout the world […]

Report: Cleaning crews help manage hospital infection control

What most improves patient care in a hospital most might not be the new piece of million-dollar equipment, but rather the facility’s cleaning staff, according to a recent Scientific American article.

The increased focus on cleaning comes as increasing numbers of infectious agents have become resistant to drugs, such as antibiotics, making infections harder to […]

Bacon, pork shortage is “unavoidable,” according to U.K. industry group

One of the world’s – and internet’s – most beloved foods might be more difficult to come by next year, according to the U.K.’s National Pig Association (NPA).

The group is predicting a global shortage of bacon and other pork products as feed prices rise following a tough corn and soy season (key ingredients in […]

MSU students study aflatoxin, fumonisin in Africa

Aflatoxin and fumonisin contamination can have serious consequences, especially in places where there isn’t a set monitoring program. But two Michigan State University graduate students, Daniel Mwalwayo of Malawi, and Frida Nyamete of Tanzania, are taking aim at reducing the devastating impacts of the toxins in their home countries.

Aflatoxin is a carcinogenic toxin produced […]

FSIS aims to change E. coli O157:H7 testing program for beef trim

E. coli

E. coli O157:H7 testing may soon be more risk-based, according to a notice posted in the Federal Register.

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced it is seeking comments on a redesign of its E. coli O157:H7 verification system to make it more risk-based while also allowing the agency to […]

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Food safety

Plea for hygienic food in trains – Daily News

A plea filed in India’s Delhi High Court seeks to improve food safety regulations at rail stations and on trains.


Re-emergence of swine dysentery reinforces need for biosecurity

By Caleb Schaeffer

Swine marketing manager, Neogen Corporation

Barely a blip on the radar five years ago, swine dysentery is now increasing in prevalence and in concern.

The disease, commonly caused by the bacterium Brachyspira hydodysenteriae, is transmitted by contaminated feces, or carrier organisms such as birds and flies. It causes diarrhea in pigs, which […]

Groups voice concerns about joint U.S.-Canada meat inspection pilot program

A pilot program aimed at streamlining meat inspection at the U.S.-Canadian border has some food safety and consumer groups concerned.

A part of the Beyond the Border Action Plan, the pilot program results will help determine if a small number of businesses can achieve pre-clearance for fresh beef and pork shipments across the border, according […]

A life-changing journey: MSU vet student works with elephants in Thailand

Erica with six-year-old Fa Mai, who was born at the Elephant Nature Park.Photo courtesy of Erica Ward.

Although her second trip to Thailand is over, it’s only the beginning for Erica Ward.

The Michigan State University vet student recently returned from her second stint at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park, a haven for elephants and […]

Egg shortage in Mexico follows avian flu outbreak

High prices and a shortage of eggs have hit Mexico following an outbreak of avian flu that claimed millions of chickens.

Prices have jumped from about $1.50 for 18 eggs to about $3. The jump in price is tough for the millions who already are struggling to make ends meet. Eggs are a staple of […]