Experts: Dogs have no shame

Anyone who has ever had a dog has seen that look of dog shame. Ears and eyes down. Tail between the legs. That weird “I’ve been a really bad boy” crouch shamble walk.

Perhaps your dog TPed your house playing with your bathroom roll, chewed your favorite peep-toe pumps, or left some externalized canine digestive […]

How do ATP sanitation monitoring systems work?

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) sanitation monitoring systems have evolved into the current “gold standard” for food and beverage production facilities to monitor their sanitation efforts. The science behind the ATP systems stems from the study of fireflies.

In fireflies, two chemicals, luciferin and luciferase, combine with the ATP in their cells to produce light. This reaction, […]

U.S. food label changes on the way?

The Obama administration is expected on Thursday to serve up some food label nutritional information proposals that may change the serving sizes listed on some food labels, among other changes.

Politico reports that First Lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to make an announcement at the White House “regarding proposals to help parents and other consumers […]

Food safety 101: How does food spoil?

It’s a familiar scene – you open the fridge and there, in the back corner, sits a lone container. You know when you put the container in the fridge, it contained some leftover casserole. Now, three weeks later, the once-forgotten tub might hold something that’s a bit more nefarious.

From there, a mad dash to […]

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Food safety

WTO COOL hearing held – Feedstuffs

The World Trade Organization heard arguments regarding the U.S.’s country-of-origin labeling (COOL) law. For more on COOL, click here.

Are all […]

FSMA deadlines announced

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules have new final deadlines following a settlement between the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Center for Food Safety (CFS) and the Center for Environmental Health.

The new agreement extends the deadlines past the June 2015 deadline put in place by the U.S. District Court of […]

Salmonella, Campylobacter infections down in EU, Listeria infections up in 2012


For the first time in five years, cases of a common foodborne illness were slightly lower in 2012 as compared to previous years, according to a joint European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)-European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) report released yesterday.

Campylobacter is the most common cause of zoonotic foodborne illness in the […]

Canada announces mechanically tenderized beef rule

Canada’s rules surrounding mechanically tenderized beef may soon be stricter.

The new proposal would amend the country’s Food and Drug Regulation to provide a definition of mechanically tenderized beef, require labeling for all mechanically tenderized beef sold in Canada, and update requirements surrounding the addition of proper cooking instructions, according to the Feb. 15 edition […]

Tox Tuesday: Methadone

A drug used to treat narcotic addiction has seen an uptick in abuse in recent years.

Methadone, a synthetic narcotic, is used to treat people with severe narcotic addictions (such as those to heroin) as it helps soften the effects of withdrawal by suppressing symptoms for 24 to 36 hours. While methadone doesn’t have the […]

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Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest food safety, animal safety, life sciences and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Food safety

Thousands of tons of fake food and drink seized in Interpol-Europol investigation – Europol

More than 1,200 tons of fake or subpar food, including cereals, spices and chocolate […]