Cats, TB and You

Last week, we talked about how cats rule the internet. Just taking glimpse at YouTube, popular blogging sites like Tumblr and the over 6,500 results of “cat sweaters” on Amazon will prove that cats are simply everywhere.

And that also includes in England, where the first documented cases of humans catching tuberculosis (TB) from cats […]

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It’s over: Cats win internet

Grumpy Cat. Lil Bub. Maru. Henri. Colonel Meow. They are the champions, my friends. At 25, the internet has a clear winner, and the clear winner is cats.

When Tim Berners-Lee, an inventor of the internet, was recently asked about his invention, he said: “I never expected all these cats.”

Cats’ major competitors, dogs, never […]

Does new global diet doom us?

There’s a new diet that is picking up speed – the globalization diet. Unlike its celebrity-endorsed counterparts, the so-called globalization diet isn’t exactly the type of diet everyone is looking for to lose those few extra pounds. In fact, this diet seems to be causing more harm than good in that it could be potentially […]

Science: Don’t pee in the pool!

The idea of swimming in another human’s urine is beyond gross. Yuck. Not refreshing at all. Although, if you think about it, we humans quite happily swim in lakes and rivers, which are undoubtedly home to the urine of other species.

But, getting back to the urine of other humans. We hate it. We scream […]

Soap makes water ‘wetter’

Automatic soap dispensers can be automatically annoying. Hey, I exist soap dispensing god! I can’t think of any other thing I can possibly do with my soiled hands in front of your “sillitupid” sensor to prove I’m here!

Is skirmishing with the insensitive sensors for soap actually worth it? As a teen trying to be […]

Happy National Ag Day!

Although it seems a bit ungrateful to express our appreciation to those responsible for the food on our plates on only one day of the year, it’s the same treatment we give our mothers, fathers, spouses, grandparents and sweetests. It’s apparently just how we do things, and in no way means we don’t appreciate them […]

Neogen reports third quarter results

LANSING, Mich., March 25, 2014 — Neogen Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG) announced today that its revenues for the third quarter of FY 2014, which ended Feb. 28, increased 21% to $61,996,000, from the previous year’s third quarter revenues of $51,055,000. Year to date, FY 2014 revenues increased 19% to $180,143,000 from FY 2013’s $151,522,000.

Third quarter […]

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Food safety

Knowing whether food has spoiled without opening the container — American Chemical Society

A color-coded smart tag could tell consumers whether a carton of milk has turned sour […]

Teaching your dog to take a selfie

Apparently some of us choose the wrong dogs, or more accurately, the wrong dogs choose us. For that some of us, we spend way too much time and money at the vet’s office for the third time getting porcupine quills pulled from the mouths of our warm-hearted but not-so-smarted four-legged companions. For the third time, […]