EU to reassess food additives currently in use


What is really in your food — and is it safe? This is something that many consumers have struggled with as food additives become more common in grocery store items. And while legislation in the European Union (EU) says that only those additives that have been through a full safety […]

Tox Tuesday: Anabolic Steroids

To gain a competitive edge, to bulk up quickly, to enhance your performance — to nearly instantly get the results you want, use anabolic steroids. But they’re not without their risks.

Anabolic steroids are man-made substances related to male sex hormones, typically used to treat hormone problems and muscle loss, but are increasingly being used […]

Introducing: @neogencorp on Instagram!

Neogen Corporation is now on Instagram, featuring the latest and greatest images from products and faces from around the company.


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We’re just about to the end of April (doesn’t it seem like it was just last week we were celebrating the New Year?), and we have a lot of food and animal safety news for you. Here you go:


Show me your stripes

The debate that has been raging since the 1870s has finally been solved.

What started as an argument between Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace has escaped researchers for decades, culminating in several hypothesis. So: Why do zebras have stripes?


Farmers: check the condition of stored grain

Farmers may need to institute a system of monitoring their stored grain products. Grain from the previous season that remains in storage for the spring months could be at risk for mold, mycotoxins and insect damage, depending on the storage conditions.

Agricultural engineers from Purdue Extension say grain that was stored at moisture levels of […]

The science behind domestication

My favorite part about going home is seeing my dog, a five-year-old golden retriever, overjoyed at seeing me. She wags her tail, rolls on the floor, brings me her favorite toy(s) and won’t leave my side.

Her traits of joy and adoration at my return are ones that many pet owners can relate to (sometimes […]

FDA proposes changes to nutrition labels

Twenty years after it was first introduced, the Nutrition Facts label may be receiving a makeover. The changes, proposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), aim to update serving size and labeling requirements, implement a new design and stimulate the ultimate goal of better understanding of nutrition science.

There are several key changes to […]

FDA studies fishy species claims

They say “watch what you eat,” a piece of advice the government is looking at closer than before. It turns out, what you think you are eating might not be what you are actually eating.

Scientists at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are taking the issue of species substitution into their own hands, implementing […]

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