Food allergens: best practices to protect the consumer

Despite food manufacturers’ best efforts, undeclared allergens, that is, food allergens not declared on a food’s label, are the leading cause of food recalls requested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Undeclared allergens may result from cross-contamination, placing the wrong label on a product, or a manufacturer not being aware of the need […]

Veterinarians warn of effects of xylitol on dogs

Veterinarians across the country are warning pet owners about xylitol, a sugar alcohol-derived sweetener used in an increasing number of foods, which can pose a serious and potentially fatal threat to dogs and other animals when ingested even in small amounts.

Most recently, xylitol has been used as an ingredient in high-protein peanut butter and […]

Breeding a better peanut butter

A new variety of peanut, called OLé, could be healthier, have a longer shelf life, and be more resistant to disease in the field according to a team of researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Oklahoma State University.

But just how is all this possible? A recent article states that this […]

Monday Mycotoxin Report — August 17, 2015

Neogen’s Monday Mycotoxin Report for August 17, 2015 is now available! Each week, we are happy to present to you a weekly report, sharing data and statistics from the agriculture industry. New this week, the video also contains a commodities report from Richard Brock of Brock Associates. To watch, click on the video below.

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Food Safety

Tips for Lunch Box Food Safety – Newswise As families begin to settle into their new fall routines, many are packing their lunches. In this economy, packing your lunch or your […]

Fighting emissions from cows burp by burp

Limiting greenhouse gases to protect the environment has been an ongoing battle, but new science is finding a way to reduce the gases coming from one unusual source—cow burps.

According to a recent article, cow belching expels an impressive volume of greenhouse gases including methane and carbon dioxide and when you add it up, their […]

Think E.coli only exists in beef? Think again


New research from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has found that Escherichia coli O157:H7 has caused more outbreaks in the U.S. from 2003 through 2012 than during the previous 20 years and that beef—often thought of as the main culprit of infection— was only related with 20% of the outbreaks associated with […]

Dry conditions spell trouble for some U.S corn crop

Corn stalks on several farms from Nebraska to Ohio are yellowing and the leaves are starting to shrivel as a dry spell in parts of the mid and central U.S. is taking its toll on crops throughout the region.

One Illinois farmer described the ground as “concrete” and said his 8,000 acre farm will be […]

Scotland says no to GMOs

In a move that has garnered praise from environmentalists and sharp criticism from farmers, Scotland announced Sunday that it would move to ban the growing of genetically modified crops throughout the country.

“Scotland is known around the world for our beautiful natural environment — and banning growing genetically modified crops will protect and further enhance […]

Monday Mycotoxin Report — August 10, 2015

Neogen’s Monday Mycotoxin Report for August 10, 2015 is now available! Each week, we are happy to present to you a weekly report, sharing data and statistics from the agriculture industry. To watch, click on the video below.