To swab or not to swab, that is the question: environmental swabs vs. sponges

A frequent question we at Neogen hear from sanitation testing customers is, “When should I use a swab vs. a sponge for collecting my environmental samples?” Today, we’ll take a look at the difference between the two sample collection tools.

Typically, routine environmental monitoring in the food industry is done with sample collection sponges — […]

Top pumpkin facts for the Halloween season

Is there any fruit, vegetable or otherwise food-related object that better sums up the autumn season than the pumpkin? (Answer: no, there isn’t.) As the weather grows colder and the days shorter, we eat pumpkins in delicious pies and snack on their seeds, we cook them into warm and toasty soups, and we even carve […]

Monday links

What’s the latest in the fields of agriculture, food safety, animal science and toxicology? Check it out here.

Animal Science:

Grazing horses on better pastures — American Society of Agronomy When you picture a horse, you may imagine it grazing contentedly in a grassy pasture. Grazing lets horses move around naturally outdoors and socialize with […]

Scientists eliminate horse lameness with gene therapy

Lameness in horses is one of the biggest tragedies that can befall the animals, causing pain, discomfort and a lack of productivity for horses involved in riding or racing.

Now, a team of scientists have found that injecting DNA into the tendons and ligaments of injured horses may help them recover from lameness.

The team, […]

Science: Yes, your dog gives you puppy dog eyes — even without treats

“Puppy dog eyes” are a very real phenomenon, science shows.

A paper recently published by a team of scientists from Britain explains how domestic dogs change their facial expressions, becoming more expressive when humans are paying attention to them.

“Oh, sure,” you might say. “Because they think they’re getting a treat.”

Not so, the scientists […]

Tox Tuesday: Per se laws and roadside drug testing

An estimated more than 10 million U.S. drivers (around 5% of licensed drivers in the entire country) drove under the influence of an illegal drug within a year period, according to a 2007 study by the U.S. National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Now, we all know what happens if a suspected drunk driver […]

Monday links

What’s the latest in the fields of agriculture, food safety, animal science and toxicology? Check it out here.

Animal Science:

‘Antelope perfume’ keeps flies away from cows — University of Bonn In Africa, tsetse flies transfer sleeping sickness to cattle, costing an estimated 4.6 billion in USD each year. Now, experts have developed an innovative […]

Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Report: October 23, 2017

This week’s regular mycotoxin in crops report also features a presentation from a swine nutrition specialist on the effects of DON in hog production. Click here to watch.

Neogen Corporation takes great care to ensure the integrity of the data we collect from many sources across the country. As these data can vary widely, […]

Reminder: clean your fridge this weekend

Imagine the inside of your refrigerator. So many shelves, drawers, trays and cubbies, all with their own corners and crevices. Now imagine all of the food that could get stuck in the nooks and crannies: ketchup splatters, sandwich crumbs, raw meat juices… we could go on.

Sounds nasty, huh? But for many of us, the […]

Listeria Right Now™: top questions about its technology

Neogen has received a lot of questions since introducing the Listeria Right Now™ system this past July at the International Association for Food Protection’s annual meeting. The system is an environmental Listeria test that features molecular-level accuracy with no need for enrichment. The total time to result? Under one hour.

We’ve seen many different ways […]