Avoid food safety personal fouls this Super Bowl Sunday

Can you feel that – a tinge of electricity in the air, a distant rumble of heavy steps in the distance?

Ladies and gentlemen, Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us.

So bust out the chili con carne and chicken wings and check out these food safety tips to make sure your Super Bowl party is a touchdown.

  • Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold (40°F or less). Food left on buffets are in the “danger zone” (40—140°F) and provide the perfect conditions for bacterial growth. Food shouldn’t be left in those conditions for more than two hours; if it is, it’s time to pitch it.
  • When preparing foods, make sure to keep raw meat separate from cooked foods or those intended to be consumed raw, such as a veggie tray.
  • Wash hands, utensils and dishes when switching from raw foods to cooked to tackle bacterial contamination.
  • Discourage double dipping – people have a lot of bacteria in their mouths that don’t belong in the communal queso bowl.
  • Cooking up some wings (of course!)? Ensure chicken is cooked to a safe internal temperature of165°F.
  • Ensure beef, pork and lamb reaches an internal temperature of 145°F.

And speaking of wings, Americans will consume more than 1.23 billion during Super Bowl weekend, according to the National Chicken Council.

In fact, if all of those wings were laid end to end they would reach from M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore to Candlestick Park in San Francisco 27 times, the council reports.

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