Avoiding Fourth of July pet fiascos

There’s nothing like lounging around a BBQ or the beach on the Fourth of July – especially when a furry little face is throwing his best puppy eyes around for a treat.

With the holiday tomorrow and what looks to be toasty weather for much of the country that celebrates the Fourth, it’s important to make sure pets stay cool and hydrated to ensure the best time for everybody.

  • Make sure pets have enough water and shade. They get hot and thirsty just like we do but unlike us, they can’t just reach into the cooler or retreat into the house (not without help, anyway).
  • Forgot the potato salad fixins? If you’re running to the store, don’t leave your pup locked in the car. Temperatures inside vehicles (even with the windows cracked on warm days) can rise quickly and dangerously. Not only is it unsafe for pets (and sadly, potentially fatal, it’s also illegal in many states).
  • We all like to give Daisy and Biscuit treats from the table (it is a holiday after all), but be careful of items that could cause stomach upset or choking hazards (e.g., small bones, etc.).
  • Beware of asphalt and other hot surfaces. You wouldn’t want to stroll across it in bare feet and neither does your pet. Asphalt and other surfaces can get unbearably hot when baking in the sun and can cause severe burns to pets’ feet.
  • If you’re spending the day on the water, be mindful of your pet. Not all dogs like the water or are good swimmers.
  • Lastly, this brings us to the Fourth of July celebration with the biggest bang – fireworks. Many dogs are frightened of fireworks and other loud noises. Ensure your dog has a collar with tags on it in case he escapes, although keeping him on a leash or in the house is the best bet. Remember, you remaining calm can help lessen his agitation.

For hot weather tips from The American Kennel Club, click here.

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