Best Practices for Food Allergen Validation and Verification handbook now available

One of the greatest challenges facing food producers today is ensuring that products produced on equipment used in the production of allergen-containing proteins, does not contribute to the cross contamination of those allergens in subsequent production runs. While there are a number of very good diagnostic tests to determine the presence of allergens on production surfaces, the hard question for many quality assurance personnel and sanitarians to answer is, “how do you actually use them to validate and verify cleaning?”

As the world’s leading supplier of allergen detection products, Neogen recognized the need for additional guidance for its customers and the industry. In an effort to make it a truly industry-wide best practices document, the company enlisted the help of its internal experts along with Steve Taylor and Joe Baumert from the Food Allergy Resource and Research Program (FARRP) at the University of Nebraska, as well as industry experts including Tony Dworetsky from Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Sue Estes from PepsiCo, Steven Stiefel from The Coca-Cola Company, Kerry Rickerd from McKee Foods Corporation, Sally Klinect from Nestle S.A. and RM Carr from the Clif Bar Company.

The process took over a year to complete but it has resulted in a handbook that provides real-world guidance on this critical topic. Subjects covered include:

  • Cleaning to a validated standard
  • Test kit validation
  • Utilizing a quantitative allergen test
  • Utilizing a screening allergen test
  • Migrating from validation to verification
  • Post-op VS Pre-op
  • Multiple allergens in a product
  • Allergen cleaning and sanitation documentation
  • Revalidation
  • Where to test
  • Final product testing
  • Should allergen advisory statements on ingredients be carried forward?

The handbook can be obtained by clicking here or by contacting your Neogen sales representative at 800-234-5333.

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