Breakfast links: Bacteria, weather patterns, and imports

Microbial mules: Engineering bacteria to transport nanoparticles and drugs

Unleash the nanobots! A Scientific American article chronicles advances in nanotechnology, which allows researchers to harness some of our bacterial buddies and nemeses to deliver useful medication to sick cells. Which bacteria? There’s a ton, but the list includes E. coli and Listeria monocytogenes.

Study: Climate change may impact outbreaks

It’s raining…Cryptosporidium? A European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control study looks at the seasonal variability of foodborne pathogen outbreaks.

Warmer spring does not mean good early planting

Some experts are calling shenanigans on this spring’s unusually warm weather. According to an article in Farm World, farmers should remember big freezes can follow warm spells in early spring.

Increasing focus on imported foods – important points if you sell or use imported food ingredients and finished products

Leavitt Partners’ Dr. David Acheson brings context to a recent report detailing food safety issues with imported foods.

House bill would require labeling LFTB

The next chapter in the “pink slime” saga unfolded Friday, with a bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives, which would require products that contain lean finely textured beef to be labeled.

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