Buy three, get one free: Neogen offers rodenticide promotion

Neogen is offering a rodenticide incentive just as rodents are making their way inside for winter.

From Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, producers will receive one free case of CyKill rodenticide and six free bait stations with the purchase of three cases of CyKill.

Neogen’s CyKill uses the active ingredient bromethlin, which is a fast acting, single feed bait.  CyKill has a 78 percent greater acceptance rate than competitor products making it the best rodenticide choice.

As cold weather approaches, rodents head for the warmth and more stable food supply of the indoors. Once there, they can feast on product, such as grain or corn, stored within the facility and cause severe damage.

For more information and for the official promotion rules, click here.

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