Cat’s meow: Show documents hidden world of cats

Want a cat’s eye view on what really goes on in the life of some fascinating felines?

You’re in luck. A recent study between the United Kingdom’s Royal Veterinary College and BBC’s Two’s Horizon program strapped cats up with GPS trackers and mini-cameras to monitor their movements throughout six 24-hour periods (researchers worked with animal welfare specialists to ensure the cameras wouldn’t harm the cats), according to Mashable.

Researchers found the cats tend to “timeshare” territory to prevent conflicts with other cats, visit each other’s homes and bicker over territory, according to the BBC.

Out of the 50 cats that participated in the study, 10 of the roving felines were chosen to be a part of a series called “The Secret Life of the Cat” (see profiles of each cat here along with video snippets and maps of their travels).

For a show schedule or to watch the show (U.K. only), click here.

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