Check your calendars: June is National Dairy Month

June marks National Dairy Month, a time to celebrate drinking milk and to recognize the contributions of the dairy industry.

Originally, Dairy Month started off as National Milk Month in 1937 as a mechanism to stabilize dairy demand during a surplus, according to the International Dairy Foods Association.

So, in honor of National Dairy Month, here are some cool facts from the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, Inc. about milk, the industry and the general awesomeness of dairy cows.

  • The first recorded account of cows being milked dates to 9000 B.C.
  • Each dairy cow produces about 200,000 glasses of milk throughout its life. Some cows, however, can produce upwards of 350,000 glasses.
  • So how many squirts of milk does it take to make a gallon? Approximately 350.
  • More than 300 varieties of cheese are sold in the U.S.
  • Eat something too spicy? Drink a glass of milk – a protein called casein will help soothe your palate.

Throughout June, Neogen’s blog will feature dairy-related stories to mark National Dairy Month. So, in addition to some cool cow facts, check out this story about some pampered dairy cows getting massages and relaxing on water beds.

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