Chinese leaders promise harsh food safety measures

Responding to a growing lack of confidence in the safety of the food available in China, the People’s Daily reported that Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said the government will strictly enforce laws and regulations, pledging the most stringent supervision and toughest punishment for unscrupulous producers and negligent officials.

The article stated that Li said the government will also set up a supervision system to cover the whole food production and logistics process as well as a traceability system. Some government officials said that Li’s promise showed the central government’s determination to tackle food safety.

The People’s Daily said China’s food industry has faced a crisis of confidence amid a series of food scares in the past eight years, including cancer-causing turbot fish, melamine-tainted milk power, dyed steamed buns, cadmium-tainted rice and clenbuterol-contaminated pork.

The premier’s statements follow an earlier report in the People’s Daily that some 10,100 people have been prosecuted for production and sale of substandard and poisonous food between 2011 and 2013.

Speaking at a press conference addressing the food safety issues in China, a government official said illegal workshops, factories and markets were the major sources of problematic food in the country.

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