Coffee? Tea? Food allergies?

The Maryland General Assembly is currently considering a bill that targets food allergies within restaurants. The bill, if passed, would require that restaurants ask a customer of any known food allergies prior to ordering. This could be outlined either on the menu/menu board of the restaurant, or requested through a server.

In an additional section of the bill, counties within the state are allowed to require that restaurants have an employee on-site who has completed and passed a training course in food allergens, and will be able to discuss meal options with customers.

The bill has passed through the state’s Senate and is currently before the house.  To view the bill in full, click here.

Allergies are on the rise across the US. In data taken from 1997-2011, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported a rise in food and skin allergies in children under 18. The study also found that in higher income families — those equal to or greater than 200% of the poverty level — had the highest prevalence in both food and respiratory allergies. Scientists are still working on why allergies affect some more than others and how to cure it, but now governments are also stepping in.

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