Dog that lost half of snout saving two girls to get reconstructive surgery

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Kabang is a brave girl.

The 2-year-old shepherd mix from the Philippines is slated to undergo facial reconstructive surgery at UC Davis in California after losing part of her snout to save two children.

In 2011, Kabang threw herself into a motorcycle that was about to hit two young girls – the daughter and the niece of her owner. Kabang’s snout lodged in the front wheel of the motorcycle, tearing the upper part of her jaw and snout from her face. Following the accident, Kabang ran off but reappeared at her family’s home two weeks later, according to

Kabang arrived in the U.S. for treatment last week, following a fundraiser campaign spearheaded by a nurse from Maine. However, the planned facial reconstruction has been delayed after vets discovered she had other medical problems, including heartworm disease and a tumor, that warrant postponing the surgery, according to USA Today.

Thankfully, the heartworm disease and tumor are in the early stages and are treatable. However, treatment could take up to six months and must be completed before the facial reconstruction can go forward, according to information from UC-Davis.

Once Kabang’s treatment is finished, she likely will undergo two surgeries – one dental and the other to close the wound on her face.

Owner Rudy Bunggal rescued Kabang as a stray puppy. The dog and Bunggal’s family developed a close bond, especially Bunggal’s young daughter, who was one of the girls Kabang saved.

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