Piles of grass clippings are no treat for your horse

Are you tempted to cut your grass, then rake it into soft, fragrant, tasty piles of clippings for your horse to nibble? According to equine nutrition expert Dr. Juliet Getty, this should be the last thing you encourage your horse to eat. It has to do with that extra step: raking.

Grass clippings that stay […]

Neogen sponsors Whole Horse Wellness Seminar open to farriers, vets

The invitation is open to veterinarians, vet technicians and farriers for the Whole Horse Wellness Seminar, presented by Kinetic Vet, to be held July 22-23. Experts and lecturers from across the country will be convening at The Jaeckle Centre and Equine Performax in Thompson Station, Tenn., for the event. Walk-in registrations will be accepted.

This […]

Botulism: More Deadly Than Wrinkles

In Hollywood, botulism is a cosmetic quick-fix used to reduce lines and wrinkles and provide a youthful glow. But in your barn, botulism is much scarier than aging skin. It’s a disease that can be very deadly and expensive to treat. In addition, there are many misconceptions: it’s only a problem in Kentucky, it […]

Infographic: Vaccinating Your Horse


Vaccines can protect your horse from a wide range of threats, including snakebites, botulism, influenza, and much more. Learn how vaccines work, why they’re important, and which ones your horse needs in this step-by-step visual guide.

Upcoming equine botulism seminars

Neogen is hosting two upcoming equine botulism seminars and invites you to attend! Details are below and there is a complimentary dinner and an opportunity to win door prizes at both seminars.

Title of seminar: Botulism Exposed

What: Neogen and Dr. Shannon Oliver of Century Equine are hosting an equine botulism seminar presented by Dr. […]

Barr: Icelandic Broodmare

“People think that because they don’t live in a high-risk area their horse isn’t going to get botulism,” says Bonnie Barr VMD, Dipl. ACVIM. “That’s not necessarily true, especially if your horse


Not just botulism: Preventing secondary problems

When caring for a horse that has equine botulism, secondary health problems also are a concern.

Secondary problems are those that may not necessarily be derived from the toxin, but can happen as a result of the effects of the illness, such as the animal becoming recumbent. Horses with equine botulism can encounter a range […]

Combating equine botulism myths – Part three

Editor’s note: When it comes to equine botulism, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. In our latest series, we hope to tackle some common misconceptions about the disease. For our first post on a myth surrounding the geographic location of botulism, click here. For our second post on round bales, click here.

Myth: I’ve […]

The features a botulism update

As hay prices have gone up, some vets have seen increased numbers of equine botulism cases, according to a botulism update from The Horse.

With prices rising, owners may resort to feeding from large round bales, which make it more difficult to inspect for bad spots that may harbor the bacteria that produces botulism toxin. […]

Neogen hosts botulism seminar as part of outreach

Vets, horse owners and industry representatives gathered at the New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center earlier this week to learn about botulism.

The seminar featured Neogen’s Director of Professional Services, Dr. James Little, who gave a presentation on equine botulism and fielded questions regarding the disease and prevention. The seminar was part of Neogen’s […]