Piles of grass clippings are no treat for your horse

Are you tempted to cut your grass, then rake it into soft, fragrant, tasty piles of clippings for your horse to nibble? According to equine nutrition expert Dr. Juliet Getty, this should be the last thing you encourage your horse to eat. It has to do with that extra step: raking.

Grass clippings that stay […]

Upcoming equine botulism seminars

Neogen is hosting two upcoming equine botulism seminars and invites you to attend! Details are below and there is a complimentary dinner and an opportunity to win door prizes at both seminars.

Title of seminar: Botulism Exposed

What: Neogen and Dr. Shannon Oliver of Century Equine are hosting an equine botulism seminar presented by Dr. […]

Not just botulism: Preventing secondary problems

When caring for a horse that has equine botulism, secondary health problems also are a concern.

Secondary problems are those that may not necessarily be derived from the toxin, but can happen as a result of the effects of the illness, such as the animal becoming recumbent. Horses with equine botulism can encounter a range […]

Botulism exposed: Raising awareness of a deadly disease

Equine botulism often is referred to as a “silent killer” and for good reason. It’s silent not only in the way it infects horses but also in the way that it rapidly sickens, and sadly, often kills them.

The bacteria that cause it lives in material horses have contact with every day – soil, forage, […]