European Union publishes list of approved flavorings

European food safety regulations just became a bit more flavorful.

The European Union (EU) recently adopted new regulations for flavoring additives in food, such as smoke and citrus flavors, according to a memo published Monday on the EU’s website.

Flavorings are defined as “products added to food in order to impart or modify odor and/or taste of food.” They are not meant to be consumed separately and typically are used in small amounts.

The new legislation breaks up flavorings into six categories:

  • Flavoring substances
  • Flavoring preparations
  • Thermal process flavors
  • Smoke flavorings
  • Flavor precursors
  • Other flavorings

Substances not on the list will be prohibited following a “phasing-out” period.  Flavorings in the process of being evaluated will be allowed to remain on the market until the process is complete, according to the memo.

Authorized flavorings may come from a food or non-food source. Both will require evaluation and approval. The full list of approved flavorings will be published online this week, according to the memo.

To read the full memo, click here .

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