FDA extends comment periods after technical difficulties

asparagus_bundle_blogFollowing several outages of the website used to collect comments on proposed rule, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced today that it was extending the comment periods on two Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules for seven days.

The comment periods on the preventive controls for human foods rule and the produce rule were slated to close today. With the extension, the comment period will now close Nov. 22.

“We are very interested in your comments on the proposed rule on produce safety and preventive controls for human food and have made every effort to encourage input since they were first published in January 2013. Our efforts include extending the comment period twice, holding three public meetings, and visiting farms across the country,” a constituent update regarding the extension reads. “That is why we are concerned about the intermittent technical difficulties that have occurred in November with the website http://www.regulations.gov, which have prevented some people from submitting comments. We know that these difficulties are inconvenient and very frustrating.”

The agency also announced today that it was extending the comment period for the produce rule’s environmental impact statement notice of intent until March 15, 2014. Comments originally were due today.

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