FDA seeking comments on Food Safety Survey

sprouts_blogThe next iteration of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Survey will address emerging concerns, as well as longstanding food safety issues.

The survey is conducted every few years to gauge “consumers’ knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about food safety”, according to a notice in the Federal Register. Information also will be used to evaluate objectives from the Healthy People 2020 plan, that is, increasing the number of people who practice good food safety measures and to reduce allergic reactions among adults. Likewise, data derived from the survey also monitors food safety trends and the effectiveness of messaging.

In addition to the standard questions, the next version of the survey also will tackle:

The survey was last conducted in 2010. It found that although safe food handling increased from 2006, there was an increase in the consumption of raw foods that should be cooked before eating, such as fish and eggs.

Surveyors also will be reaching out to people (4,000 total) via cell phone. The survey proposal is open for comments until Dec. 31.

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