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Sesame_seeds_resizedCatch up on the latest news and information in the food safety, animal science, agriculture and toxicology industries with Monday links!

Food Safety

FDA Urged to Require Allergen Labeling for Sesame Seeds – Food Safety News
As many as 500,000 Americans are estimated to be allergic to sesame seeds, but current rules on allergen labeling don’t include a requirement for them.

CSU team examines dairy-cattle microorganisms to improve food safety – Bovine Veterinary
The bacterium Escherichia coli is among the most troublesome pathogens in the context of food safety, and a Colorado State University veterinary team hopes to help mitigate its spread on dairy farms by investigating microbial dynamics in the dairy-cow gut.

Animal Safety

Study indicates natural beta-carotene product could reduce BRD – Drovers
A leading scientific publication published results from a study of the utility and mechanisms of OxC‐beta, a fundamentally new natural alternative to the use of antibiotics in livestock feeds.

Horses Need Proper Feeding in Winter – The Horse
In many parts of the country, winter means increased stable time, decreased riding time and significantly different nutrient requirements for horses. These factors in addition to decreased temperatures and wet conditions will affect the demands on the horse’s body for heat production.


Heat Turbocharged California’s Epic Drought – Live Science
If evaporation were “e,” and precipitation were “p,” what formula would a mathematician have used to have calculated the severity (“s”) of the last Californian drought that matched the severity of this year’s?


Why Parents of Children with Epilepsy Are Increasingly Turning to Marijuana – Yahoo
When Bonni Goldstein, MD, medical director of Canna-Centers, a group of medical marijuana practices in California, prescribes cannabidiol — a compound extracted from marijuana — to children with epilepsy, she always clarifies to their parents that the long-term risks of the compound are unknown.


How Dogs Drink Revealed in Super Slo-Mo Video – Discover
It doesn’t take scientific observation to know that dogs aren’t the most graceful of drinkers. A new study uses high-speed cameras to watch the mechanics of a dog lapping water to reveal the physics tricks at play.

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