Get up to speed for 2013 with the belated Monday links

Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest food safety, animal safety, life sciences and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.


Neogen acquires Scidera Genomics – Neogen

Neogen’s genomics family has gotten bigger with the addition of the Davis, Calif. based animal genomics company.

Food safety

Chinese cities tighten food safety lawsFood Safety News

Those found in violation of the new laws will be banned from the food industry for five years.

Mexico promises ractopamine-free pork to

Mexico is the latest country to promise beef and pork free of the feed additive ractopamine to Russia. Late last year, Russia banned the import of U.S. beef and pork as the U.S. allows the usage of ractopamine. For more coverage on ractopamine, click here.

UK sees spike in norovirus cases – Food Safety News

How many more cases? Try 83 percent.

Bullying over food allergies – U.S. Food Safety blog

A new study finds 50 percent of children with food allergies have been bullied, with one-third of those experiencing bullying because of their allergy. In some cases, other children threw food that the child is allergic to at them or threatened to stuff the food in the child’s mouth.

Russia gets rights to supply poultry meat to EU –

The approval follows months of safety monitoring efforts.

Defining allergens – The next major public health push – Leavitt Partners blog

Leavitt Partners’ Dr. David Acheson breaks down what’s next for food allergen regulation.


Animal safety

Govt. to stop poultry imports from AustraliaThe Jakarta Post

Indonesia has halted poultry imports from Australia after an outbreak of avian influenza.

Head injuries and seizures in dogs and cats – Fully Vetted

Although cats are less prone to seizures, they tend to have more severe consequences than in dogs.

Belarus bans poultry from the Czech Republic –

The ban follows an outbreak of Newcastle disease, which has a high mortality rate in unvaccinated poultry.



Senate approves farm bills extension, aims to prevent milk price surge – Detroit Free Press

The extension helps prevent the “dairy cliff” but doesn’t tackle all of the issues addressed in the full Farm Bill.

Drought impact to reach food prices in 2013 –

It’s the drought that unfortunately keeps giving.



Study decodes DNA’s true meaning – Discover

Just what are all of those As, Gs, Cs and Ts doing?

Top genomes of 2012 – The Scientist

Because if there’s a “year’s best” list for everything, the top genomes should definitely be featured.

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