Got questions about National Dairy Month?

GOT MILK? has answers. Just in time for June as National Dairy Month, the Dairy Council of California and GOT MILK? have come out with a  cool booklet cataloguing milk facts, history and stats.

Here are some highlights from the booklet:

  • In order to get the same amount of calcium as one, 8 oz. glass of milk, you would have to eat:
    • 12 servings of whole grains
    • 10 cups of raw spinach
    • 6 servings of legumes
  • Some notable milestones:
    • In 1679, Jesuit priests brought dairy cows to Baja, California.
    • In 1864, Louis Pasteur invented the process which bears his name – pasteurization. This method is used to kill organisms in milk that can cause spoilage or illness.
    • During the 1950’s and 60’s, wax-lined cartons were first used to package milk.
  • A cup of milk provides up to 30% of the daily recommended calcium, 26% of riboflavin, 25% vitamin D and 25% of phosphorus.

Read “Milk! Secrets, stories and facts of America’s favorite natural beverage” here.


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