Halloween food safety tips

In preparation for Halloween, Neogen bring you new blog posts all week focusing on important food safety issues and providing tips to keep you and your family safe.Kid-Eats-Donut_resized

Located below are some the FDA’s tips for the upcoming holiday.

Top Five Halloween party tips:

1. Do not eat any raw dough or batter when baking.

2. Make sure all fruits and vegetables used in games such as “bobbing for apples” are rinsed to remove bacteria before use.

3. Only serve pasteurized fruit juices and ciders, they can contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella.

4. Serve foods that have been chilled up until the festivities begin.

5. Do not leave out refrigerated foods for more than two hours.

Four tips for parents of trick-or-treaters:

  1. Provide dinner before the festivities begin so they don’t have as much trouble resisting the treats they are receiving.
  2. Don’t allow kids to snack on the candy before checking it out yourself. When inspecting candy make sure that none of the candies look suspicious. This includes any candy that appears discolored or tampered with.
  3. Tell children to not accept (or eat) any treat that is not commercially made.
  4. Very young kids should not be allowed access to any candies that can be choking hazards including gum, nuts, and hard candies.

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