Happy Monday! Time for some links

Key FSMA rules continue to languish at OMB, months after deadline

It’s still a waiting game on rules stemming from the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 and some are getting anxious.

FDA issues draft guidance on nanotechnology use in food and cosmetics

A bit of light reading for a Monday morning.

Read both drafts here:

Draft guidance for industry: Assessing the effects of significant manufacturing process changes, including emerging technologies, on the safety and regulatory statues of food ingredients and food contract substances, including food ingredients that are color additives (Click here.)

Draft guidance for industry: Safety of nanometrics in cosmetic products (Click here.)

Can you tell if your pet is fat?

Fluffy might be extra cuddly, but it be affecting his health? According to a recent study, humans aren’t that great at determining if a pet is overweight.

It’s a small world after all

Take a trip around the world with the FDA while checking out it’s new Global Engagement report.

Poultry experts warn of early turkey gnats

Gnats might be annoying for humans, but for poultry, they can lead to severe injuries.

MSU: Michigan ag and food up $20 billion in two years

The economic impact of farming in the Mitten state is increasing. A lot.

California dental scaling bill quashed in committee

Want your dog to have pearly whites? Pet dental care still must be performed by a licensed individual after the California legislature shot down an effort to change the rule.

Companion Animal Parasite Council’s parasite prevalence maps

Want to know where the ticks are lurking? Check out the CPAC’s maps.

Salmonella tops list in second FDA food registry report

Once again, Salmonella is the most reported food hazard.

Starbucks customers bugged, company nixes insect dye

Starbucks phases out an ingredient that really bugged some consumers.

Felony indictment charges four in tainted cheese conspiracy


House Ag Committee announces Farm Bill hearing schedule

The next round of hearings on the Farm Bill begins April 25.

Extending the public comment period for USDA’s proposal to modernize poultry slaughter

Following consumer concerns with a proposed poultry inspection plan, the USDA has expanded the public comment period.

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