Have an appetite for pet apps?

I have a little bit of an addiction to my phone. It is constantly in my pocket or within a foot of me, tantalizing me with the numerous games and apps I have on it—not to mention hundreds of pictures of my dog. Much of my life is in that phone: a calorie tracker, reminders and appointments, emails and more.

Thanks to technology, now much of Chewbacca’s life is on that phone, too, with several apps that help keep her (and other pets) healthy and happy.


  1. Doggy Fitbit
    Just like the human version, Fitbit, the dog app is a fitness tracker for your pooch. Some apps can track, monitor and analyze your pet’s activities through a device clipped on the collar. This could especially be helpful of you are at work for long hours or if your dog is at the kennel.
  2. Virtual whistle
    Some pets just don’t listen to commands—especially Chewbacca when she is rolling in things she shouldn’t. There’s an app for that. Several apps have whistles just for pets at varying hertz levels that are typically inaudible to humans.
  3. WebVet
    Raise your hands if you have Google’d your symptoms when sick on the internet to see what you might have come down with. Now, raise your hand if you wish you could do that for your pet. There are now apps for this exact purpose, giving information for first-aid, medication, disaster preparedness and more. Each app features slightly different elements, but these apps can be your go-to guide before calling the veterinarian. (Side note: When in doubt, still call your veterinarian!)
  4. Slimming down
    Many household pets are overweight from too little activity, too much food or too much people food. What are your pets eating, and how many calories should they keep their diets to in order to maintain a healthy weight? There are a variety of apps that can help with this.
  5. Just keep swimmingdog_running
    These apps aren’t just for our four-legged friends! There are also apps that help out our aquatic pets too, helping owners keep aquariums and their fish happy with maintenance and upkeep tips.
  6. Poison control
    There are a variety of things around your gardens that could be toxic to your pets. To help those of us with a green thumb out, there are apps available that showcase plants, foods, medications and other items that may be toxic to your animals. Some apps even include symptoms and suggestions for what to do should your pet be exposed to poison.
  7.  A matter of scheduling
    Keeping track of your own appointments can be hard enough—adding in appointments with your veterinarian and when your pet needs to take a trip to the groomers. Apps featuring calendars specifically for your pet can be your saving grace.
  8. Party tricks
    Chewbacca knows one trick, and that is how to stay…when she feels like it, that is. For other dogs who are more inclined to learn new tricks, there are apps that give training videos, a training log and training tips to help pet owners out.
  9. Something different
    I’m a dog lover myself, but pet ownership extends beyond just dogs and cats. For those who are interested in some more exotic animals, there are apps that give answers to common questions, and a list of conditions and symptoms that you can look at before you phone the vet.
  10. Reptilian lovers
    There are apps specifically for reptiles, as well, which can be useful for cleaning or general care tips.

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