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milk_insuranceDon’t have time to scour the internet for the latest food safety, animal safety, life sciences and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Food safety

After food safety scares, China retailer offers baby milk insurance – Fox News

A Chinese retailer is offering insurance to customers who buy infant milk powder, highlighting the lengths to which companies are going to address concern about food safety in China.

Making Cashews Less Allergenic – Chemical & Engineering News

Tree nuts such as cashews can be dangerous to the many people who are allergic to them. Improved processing methods might help reduce the allergenicity of cashews

Dorset shellfish ‘have dangerous toxins’ – BBC

There are concerns that certain types of shellfish being caught off the Dorset coast may contain ASP toxin levels above those safe for human consumption.

Animal safety

‘Sentinel chickens’ form a front line of defense against West Nile – LA Times

In an era of costly high-tech medicine and sophisticated contagion control, “sentinel chickens” form a simple and efficient front line of defense against West Nile disease, a mosquito-borne illness that can cause flu-like symptoms and, in rare instances, death.

FDA finds positive and negative resistance trends — Drovers

The Food and Drug Administration released its National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS) 2011 Executive Report, showing both increasing and decreasing antimicrobial resistance trends.

Researchers Investigate Flu Evolution in Pigs — The Pig Site

In a study by the University of Minnesota, designed to simulate how the pandemic 2009 influenza (pH1N1) virus might have evolved, researchers say it took only nine passages in pigs for a virus to gain “greatly enhanced virulence and transmissibility” in pigs, guinea pigs, and ferrets.


In Move to Curb Drug Abuse, D.E.A. Tightens Rule on Widely Prescribed Painkiller – NY Times

The U.S.  government tightened the prescribing for hydrocodone, the most common form of painkiller in the country — the final step in a policy shift that has been years in the making.

Legalized marijuana: effect on teens looms large in Oregon campaign – The Oregonian

Teen use of marijuana is one of the central issues in the developing campaign over legalization in the state of Oregon.

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