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Refridge-Freezer_empty_blogDon’t have time to scour the internet for the latest food safety, animal safety, life sciences and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Animal safety

Cattle Outlook: Empty Freezers – Ag Web

The USDA Cold Storage report released last Friday showed that total stocks of beef, pork, chicken and turkey in U.S. freezers at the end of July were 292 million pounds less than July 2013, a decrease of 12.7%.

Bird flu strikes China again; 18,000 chickens die at a farm – The Times of India

The dreaded bird flu returned to haunt China after 18,000 chickens, which showed symptoms of avian flu, died at a farm in northeastern part of the country.

Food safety

Food Safety Education vs. Reality – Food Safety News

With the new school year here, it should be a reminder to take the time to properly train and educate food handlers about food safety.

The milk that won’t churn your stomach – Express

One in five of us thinks we can’t digest cow’s milk. Now a new study shows that a protein could be the cause.


Legal Highs ‘More Lethal Than Heroin’ Warning – Sky News

The number of deaths linked to so-called legal highs could overtake those linked to heroin by 2016, a think tank has warned.

Tennessee Drug Tests Welfare Applicants, Discovers Less Than 1% Use Drugs – Care2

In July, Tennessee began a drug testing program for applicants to the state’s welfare program. Since then, just one person has tested positive out of more than 800.

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