Hero dog from the Philippines expected to return home soon

Image courtesy of www.careforkabang.com.

Image courtesy of www.careforkabang.com.

It’s been a long road for Kabang.

The dog, who lost her upper snout and jaw after she threw herself into a motorcycle to save two young girls, underwent her first facial reconstructive surgery earlier this month. If her recovery goes well, she is slated to return home to the Philippines in May, according to Veterinary Practice News.

The girls, Kabang’s owner’s daughter and niece, were saved but Kabang suffered massive injuries.

Kabang still has one more surgery scheduled for early April to close the wound where her upper snout used to be and to create a new nasal passage to assist in breathing. After about a month of recovery, she is expected to return home to her family, Veterinary Practice News reports.

During the first reconstructive surgery, vets reconstructed a missing eyelid, removed two teeth and repaired a third. As of now, Kabang will not be fitted with a prosthetic snout.

Kabang was injured in December 2011 and brought to the University of California-Davis in October of last year, following a fundraising campaign spearheaded by a nurse in Maine.

However, following her arrival at UC-Davis, veterinarians found she had several issues that had to be treated before she could undergo reconstructive surgery, including heartworm and a tumor that required chemotherapy. Following six rounds of chemotherapy, veterinarians could no longer detect the tumor in December and started her heartworm treatment, which wrapped up in February.

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