I got 8! Test yourself on the Earth Day quiz

A gardener plants a broad bean plant in a raised bed.First officially celebrated 45 years ago today, World Earth Day reminds people about the abundance of natural resources that we have been provided with and compels us to use them sustainably. The idea was originally proposed by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson after the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, and was established to raise public awareness.

This theme for this year’s Earth Day is “It’s Our Turn to Lead” and focuses on promoting environmental awareness and developing sustainable initiatives. As stated in a recent article, this can be done by understanding the journey food takes — from farm to fork and back to the soil, and by having the knowledge and ability to make more informed choices to support individual health, community and the environment.

For fun, take the quiz below to see what you learn in celebration of Earth Day 2015! 

1. Which kitchen appliance uses the most energy?

A. Refrigerator
B. Toaster
C. Oven
D. Microwave

2. Composting can help reduce household waste, but which one of these should not be used?
A. Egg shells
B. Meat trimmings
C. Fruit peels
D. Seeds

3. Everything you eat on a raw food diet should be cold. True or False?

4. The  __________ industry generates nearly one-fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.
A. Meat
B. Dairy
C. Processed food

5. Which of the following accounts for the largest portion of carbon footprint when it comes to food?
A. Processing
B. Transportation
C. Cooking
D. Waste disposal

6. If a food label says “organic”, what does it mean?
A. It contains no genetically modified organisms
B. It was produced using the best sustainable agricultural methods.
C. It is free of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides
D. All of the above

7. Which movement encourages us to buy local produce and make home-cooked meals?
A. Slow food
B. Organic
C. Biodynamic

8. If not packaged properly, canned foods are vulnerable to what type of bacteria?
A. E. coli
B. Salmonella
C. Botulinum
D. Campylobacter

9. Washing your fruits and vegetables with a mix of water and  __________ can help remove pesticide residues.
A. Lime
B. Baking soda
C. Sugar
D. Vinegar

10. Junk food promotes overeating because:
A. It offers more calories in small quantities
B. It’s low in fiber
C. It’s high in fat, sugar and salt
D. It tastes good

Answers: 1(A), 2(B), 3(False), 4(A), 5(A), 6(D), 7(A), 8(C), 9(D), 10(C)


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