International collaboration brings new research opportunities

The University of Louisville’s Department of Pediatrics and three Chinese universities are beginning a new research project.The partnership will generate approximately $1 million of research support, as well as creating new academic opportunities.

“These agreements substantially expand collaborative pediatric clinical and research programs, facilitate the exchange of research trainees and create opportunities for new global health rotations and telehealth programs,” Dr. Gerard Rabalais said. Rabalais is the pediatrics chairman for the University of Louisville.

The partnership will last three years, during which, five senior physicians from the Chinese institutions will visit the University of Louisville faculty for several months. Other scientists or clinician-investigators will also work with Louisville researchers in laboratories.

The funding, stipend, mentorship and laboratory expense for each visiting researcher is being paid by the sponsoring institutes in China. Over the three years, translational and clinical research trials will focus on diabetes prevention, care and finding a cure.

For more information on the partnership, click here.

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