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Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest food safety, animal safety, life sciences and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Animal safety

With kittens comes ringworm

Kittens may be cute, but they could be harboring something much less precious than they are.

Salmonella outbreak linked to undersized turtles

The small turtles were purchased from street vendors and have been connected to Salmonella infections in more than 100 people.

Report: Pet ownership up, spending down

Although considering a pet a part of the family can drive up spending, this little thing called the economy can drive it right back down, according to a recent study.

Taking aim at Triple Crown, not wasting much time

The last horse to win the Triple Crown was Affirmed in 1978. I’ll Have Another will have his shot for the Crown at Belmont in three weeks.

Smuggled horses found in west Texas infected with EP

Equine piroplasmosis, or EP, can be fatal in horses.


Food safety

California cantaloupe handlers approve state’s first mandatory food safety program

California cantaloupe handlers have unanimously approved a new plan for food safety. California has never had a cantaloupe-related outbreak. A Listeria outbreak stemming from Colorado cantaloupes last year spurred the creation of the plan, organizers said.

USDA switching to new plant data inspection system        

Next week, the USDA will launch a new database to make food safety inspection more effective and efficient.

CDC’s Mahon sees progress in curbing Listeria after deadly outbreak

Dr. Barbara Mahon of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives a background on efforts to stop Listeria outbreaks.

OIG gives FSIS thumbs us for “handling” appeals

The Office of the Inspector General gave the Food Safety and Inspection Service high marks for managing humane handling enforcement action appeals.

Sampling report praises beef industry and USDA

The beef industry is being proactive in preventing E. coli, according to a new report.

To read the report, click here.

Food safety imperative to social stability

Vietnam takes steps to increase the safety of its food supply.



Come for the beautiful “glass gem” corn; stay for a dose of genetics

Yes, that really is corn.

No looking back: Wheat harvest races into May

Some wheat producers already are heading into harvest.

California: Milk cost of production rose 15.3% in 2011               

The biggest reason? Increasing feed prices.

To read the report, click here.

Asparagus farmers end season on high note

Despite a slow start to the season, asparagus farmers in California have had a good year.

Ghana gets $600 million from G8 for agriculture, Times says

The G8 pledged to help African nations with agriculture at its summit this past weekend.


Life sciences

Explore the human biome (interactive)

Take a tour of the microorganisms that help make us tick.


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