Leading the way: Neogen donates to Leader Dogs for the Blind

What could be better than puppies and helping people?

Thanks to our customers, Neogen was able to donate a significant sum to Leader Dogs for the Blind, a nonprofit organization that raises, trains, and pairs guide dogs with their lifelong human handlers. The donation was a result of an incentive program for pet food sales.

Victoria Minton, an inside pet food sales representative, and Tim Hendra, director of diagnostic sales for grocery products and pet food, recently traveled to Leader Dogs’ Rochester Hills, Mich. campus to present the donation to Leader Dogs staff, where they had the opportunity to see the program in action. Leader Dogs for the Blind provides guide dogs to those who are blind or visually impaired. It also was the first facility in the Western Hemisphere to teach Deaf and blind clients to work with guide dogs.

“Leader Dogs for the Blind is a world renowned organization, and is basically in Neogen’s backyard,” Victoria said. “It is incredible all of the steps they take to provide wonderful guide dogs to their clients, free of charge. Leader Dogs for the Blind operates solely on donations, so we were eager to find a way to help out.”

Leader Dogs provides its services and highly trained guide dogs at no cost to the recipients. Clients are housed on campus during a 26 day training program. More than 270 clients take part in the training program each year.

“It is just as important for the Leader Dog to have a great owner as it is for the owner to have a great Leader Dog. Side-by-side, we seek challenges, we conquer, we celebrate greater independence—together,” said Leader Dogs client Kevin O’Callahan of his dog, Flynn. Kevin is a graduate field representative for Leader Dogs and works as a human resources representative for a large retail store.

Raising generations of guide dogs takes a concerted effort between Leader Dogs staff, volunteers, and the clients. But the effort pays off when a client and a dog are matched—the result of countless hours of hard work and the kindhearted donations Leader Dogs receives.

“Without the support of generous individuals and corporations, we would not be able to continue to provide life changing services to our clients,” said Leader Dogs’ Ashley Picklo. “Your generosity enables us to prepare a new generation of wonderful Leader Dogs who mean so much to their future partners.”


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