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horse portrait2_blogDon’t have time to scour the internet for the latest animal science, food safety and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Animal Science

Study: Feed Young Horses According to Birth Date – The Horse
Tradition in many breeds holds that all horses have the same birthday: January 1. But when it comes to feeding young horses, it might be better to do so according to each horse’s individual birth date, a Japanese research team recently concluded.

Ukrainian PEDv Outbreaks a Warning Sign for European Pig Farming – The Pig Site
European pig farmers need to stay vigilant as the American strain of the Porcine Epidemic DiarrheaVirus (PEDv) is detected across farms in Ukraine.

Food Safety

Increasing Food-Safety Education in Schools Could Reduce Foodborne Illness in Kids – Food Safety News
There’s a lack of food-safety education in schools that, if addressed, could help reduce the high rates of foodborne illness among children.

Safety of Pet Food Packaging – Food Safety Magazine
Food packaging can significantly influence the quality and safety of the food product in question by providing a barrier to moisture and other environmental conditions that may result in contamination and/or spoilage.


Russia to prohibit cultivation of GM-grain – All About Feed
The Russian Government’s Commission on Legislative Activities has recently approved a draft law which prohibits production and cultivation of grain and other plants containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Hope fades for the end of California’s drought – Drovers Cattle Network
After a wet November and December, many remained optimistic that it would be a sign that California’s drought would be lessened significantly. Though California’s rains may have eased drought anxiety, it has fallen far short of ending the drought.


Legal highs and prescription drugs face ban in English and Welsh prisons – The Guardian
Justice secretary gets new powers in bid to crackdown on substance misuse linked to rising violence and self-harm in jails.


Cats Are Finally Getting Geneticists’ Attention – Discover
Consumer doggie DNA testing is old hat at this point, having been around since 2007. But cat-lovers who wish to decipher their pet’s breed are out of luck, something a group of geneticists is working to change.

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