Monday links

The first Monday in October is here! Take a moment and catch up with the latest news in the food safety, animal safety, agriculture and life science industries in this edition of Monday links.

Food Safety

Nature’s pooper scoopers: Can dung beetles aid food safety? – Washington State University
For farmers, especially organic farmers, who are increasingly challenged by food safety guidelines, dung beetles could provide an elegant solution to a vexing problem.

WHO Study Measures Global Burden of Listeria – Food Safety News
In 2010, Listeria monocytogenes was estimated to infect 23,150 people worldwide. It killed 5,463 of them, according to a new study by European researchers in the World Health Organization (WHO).

Animal Safety

PED-Positive Farm Samples in US: 8,506 – The Pig Site
The total number of pig farm samples that have tested positive for the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) virus now stands at 8,506 in 31 states.


Soybeans Rebound, Corn Advances – AgWeb
Soybeans rose amid speculation that prices near a four-year low will spur demand, and as rain in parts of the U.S. Midwest may slow harvesting of a record crop. Wheat and corn also rose.


Looking for the Facebook of the pot industry – BBC
Event organizers MassRoots have called the first-ever Marijuana Technology Startup Weekend and while code and cannabis might seem incompatible, for the 150 attendees at the sold-out event, the concept makes perfect sense.


Save the world… by changing how you pee – The Week
The critical links between water, sanitation, and our global consumption of energy — the “energy-water nexus” — are more obvious than ever before. But how many of us will take direct action at the most basic level of all?

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