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SteakDon’t have time to scour the internet for the latest food safety, animal safety, and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Animal Science

From farm to table, seedstock selection is the first step – Collegian Central

When people walk into the meat section in any market, many have an expectation of finding fresh, affordable, lean red meat. Cattle producers go through many steps to bring the final product from farm to table.

Emerging Equine Diseases: What You Should Know – The Horse

Learn about emergent diseases and what steps we can take to help stop illnesses’ spread into unaffected countries.

Food Safety

Oceana Study: 38% of Supposed Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Cakes are Fraudulent – Food Safety News

The Chesapeake Bay’s iconic blue crab is said to carry a distinctly fresh taste that’s prized by locals and tourists alike. But the crab cakes sold as authentically local might actually be fraudulent crab shipped from as far away as Indonesia.

USDA Makes $19 Million Available for Food Safety Research – Food Quality News

Nearly $19 million awarded to 36 institutions through the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, which is authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill, will help in understanding antimicrobial resistance, the development of processing technology, identifying and targeting food safety needs, improving food safety, and improving food quality.


Mycotoxin levels in extruded commercial dog food – All About Feed
Dogs can be exposed to mycotoxins, and more research into the effects is needed. This was concluded by the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences from the University of Bologna in Italy, who tested extruded pet food samples for these toxins.

California Imposes First-Ever Mandatory Water Restrictions. They’re Not Nearly Enough. – The Slate

California Gov. Jerry Brown announced a historic statewide effort to restrict water use amid new measurements showing the state’s snowpack at stunning record lows. Unfortunately, the new rules mostly ignore the state’s biggest water user: the agriculture industry.


NIH study sheds light on how to reset the addicted brain – National Institutes of Health

Research suggests that targeted stimulation of the brain’s prefrontal cortex is a promising treatment for addiction.


A Brief History of the Slam Dunk – Mental Floss
In order to understand the first-ever slam dunk; you need to know how basketball courts were designed in the 1910s. Sometimes the court would be hemmed by a net or a cage and it was in one of these caged courts where Jack Inglis, executed the first slam dunk in history. Kind of.

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