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Pizza-in-Box_123RF11882996_blogDon’t have time to scour the interwebs for all of the big news stories? No worries — we have you covered in this edition of Monday links!

Food Safety

Teal pumpkins will signal a safe Halloween stop for kids with food allergies – The Week
Little ghouls and goblins are preparing to hit the neighborhoods in just two weeks, trick-or-treat bags at the ready. But for children with food allergies, Halloween can be a depressing — not to mention dangerous — time.

FDA Asked to Ban Certain Chemicals Used in Pizza Boxes, Other Packaging – Food Safety News
Nine consumer and environmental health groups petitioned the Food and Drug Administration this week seeking a ban on the use of certain chemicals in food packaging.

Animal Science

Australia’s Ban on AI in Thoroughbreds Upheld by High Court – The Horse
Sydney, Australia, businessman and former bookmaker Bruce McHugh’s efforts to overturn the country’s ban on artificial insemination (AI) in thoroughbreds has ended after the Australian High Court turned down his appeal.

Here Comes the Cold Weather — and Mus Musculus – Food Safety News
For much of the country, as the temperatures drop, there is increased activity of mice to find a harborage area. For any food operation, or homeowner, for that matter, this means an increased potential of infestation if some proactive measures are not taken to eliminate entry.


Could We Breed Mutant Superhealthy Tomatoes? – Modern Farmer
Horticulturalists and farmers have been cross-breeding tomatoes for many generations, trying to figure out how to make tomatoes that grow faster, grow bigger, stay fresh longer, hold up better to shipping, need less room, and even taste better. But what if instead, we tried to breed tomatoes that were healthier?

Prevent mycotoxins at the source – All About Feed
Molds and mycotoxins in feed can negatively impact nutrient quality and nutrient digestion, resulting in poor animal performance, warns Anitox Chief Science Officer Dr. Kurt Richardson.


11 Odd Facts About Marijuana – Livescience
Marijuana, the most commonly used illegal drug in America, is going mainstream. Now legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington, pot seems poised for wider use, too: 21 states allow the possession and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


Genetics Explains Why You Drink So Much Coffee – Discover
If your favorite order at Starbucks is the “red-eye,” you can thank genetics for your ability to slog down all that caffeine without the shakes.

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