Monday links

SteakBack from the long holiday weekend and ready to brush up on the latest news in the industry? We’ve got you covered.

Food Safety

New Food Safety Institute for Helping New York Producers Comply With FSMA – Food Safety News
On Dec. 15, Cornell University announced it would become home to a comprehensive food safety research and training center for New York growers and producers.

Was That Steak Raised In The USA? Soon, It’ll Be Hard To Know – NPR
An attachment to the last-minute spending proposal going before Congress this week would end a six-year trade dispute between the U.S. and Canada. If it’s passed, as seems likely, the omnibus budget bill would repeal a law called COOL that requires “country-of-origin labels” on meat.


It’s Like Uber, But for Farmers’ Markets – Smithsonian Magazine
A startup called Farmigo is trying to create a better food system for both eaters and farmers.

South Africa Faces Worst Drought in Thirty Years – The Pig Site
South Africa will be facing a disaster if it doesn’t rain by the end of December. Over the past year, El Niño has caused below average rainfall in many parts of the country, with some areas recording their lowest rainfall in fifty years.

Animal Science  

Sugars and Peppermints: Not Safe Treats for All Horses – The Horse
Throughout the holiday season it can be tempting to reward your horse with a sweet treat – but are they safe?

Seven Bundles Of Scientific Joy: ‘Test Tube Puppies’ Prove IVF Can Work In Dogs – NPR
Seven tussling puppies could bring a smile to anyone’s face. But one litter has a team of scientists beaming more than usual.


New research shows nicotine increases codeine-induced analgesia – News Medical
According to new research in rat models, nicotine use over time increases the speed that codeine is converted into morphine within the brain. It appears smokers’ brains are being primed for a bigger buzz from this common pain killer – which could put them at a higher risk for addiction, and overdose.


How to Grow Snowflakes Inside a Soda Bottle – Mental Floss
In this video from Science Friday, Caltech physicist and snowflake expert Ken Libbrecht illustrates how to grow snowflake-like ice crystals inside a 2-liter soda bottle.

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