Monday links: Getting up to speed for a new week

Check out Neogen ANSR’s website here and a video about ANSR here.

For a round up of mad cow news and previous blog posts, click here.

Colorado changes its cantaloupe growing practices

Colorado cantaloupe farmers are taking proactive steps to prevent outbreaks, such as the Listeria outbreak last year.

Interview with a heartworm specialist

Dr. Jennifer Coates of Fully Vetted interviews heartworm specialist Dr. Cristiano Von Simson to give readers the scoop on what they need to know about the parasite.

Mythological beast of a virus found in California hot spring

Think chimeras only exist in myths? Think again.

Senate ag committee adopts a farm bill plan

The Senate Agriculture Committee released its draft bill Friday.

North Carolina’s adoption of the FDA Model Food Code and requiring leafy greens to be received at 41°F

North Carolina is hoping new regulations will prevent future Salmonella spp. and Shiga-toxin producing E. coli, or STEC, outbreaks.

Check out the latest updates on the Salmonella sushi outbreak

Curious about food prices for the upcoming year? Check out the links below.

FDA reports abound while rules stand out

A Leavitt Partners blog post explores recent reports issued by FDA.

Senate committee seeks $22 million boost for FDA

The FDA soon could have more money to help transition to its expanding role.

FDA to publish new produce rule with 120 days for comments

One rule derived from the massive Food Safety Modernization Act will be published soon, according to the FDA.

House ag committee mulling over a proposal to standardize hen housing

The bill would increase hens’ ability to “engage in natural behaviors” but opponents say the move is too costly.

After Derby win with long shot, hoping that history will repeat

The question still remains? Who will win this year’s Kentucky Derby?

How the FDA’s Reportable Food Registry helps prevent outbreaks

Food Safety News takes a look at how the FDA and food companies can stop outbreaks before they occur.

23 horses die from botulism outbreak in Maine

This is simply tragic.

How the USDA maps food deserts

Do you live by a food desert?

Melting glaciers liberate ancient microbes

What could be lurking under the ice?

Meat processors urge “inflexible” EC to delay second phase of DSM ruling

Meat reforms are hitting the European Union as well.

Heart problems claim thoroughbred stallion Dynaformer

The stallion that sired several top racers, including Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, has died.



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