Monday links: Getting your week started off right

Neogen adapts E. coli testing service to meet FSIS ground beef safety demands

Neogen’s Dr. Jason Lilly explains how the USDA and Neogen are working together to test for Shiga toxin-producing E. coli, six strains of which soon will join E. coli O157:H7 as being classified as adulterants.

Setting the record straight on the proposed chicken inspection policy

The USDA is speaking out on proposed revisions to the poultry inspection process.

FDA seeks to limit antibiotic use in livestock

Late last week, the FDA published several documents outlining a voluntary plan for phasing out antibiotics in livestock for purposes other than treating illness (e.g., enhancing growth, etc.).

Food manufacturers preparing for the “Olympic sickies”

Food industry bosses in the U.K. are preparing for an influx of vacation requests and last minute sick day call-ins from those suffering from Olympic-itis. Rumor is, the only cure is attending a world class athletic event. Curious…

Peterson updates dairy leaders on Dairy Security Act

A Minnesota Congressman gave dairy producers a rundown on how the 2012 Farm Bill could affect the dairy industry if passed.

Beijing tightens food safety control with a life ban in new rules

There soon could be new consequences for being a convicted of a food safety-related crime in Beijing. The punishment? Say goodbye to ever working again in the food industry.

Kentucky Derby 2012 field definitely is deep

It’s almost that time of year again. Big hats, mint juleps, and high-speed excitement. Ladies and gentlemen, Derby time almost is upon us.

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