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USDA sets rules for tracking livestock across state lines – Chicago Tribune

The new rules stems from a couple cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or mad cow disease) beginning in 2003. The rules are slated to take effect Dec. 28 and would require livestock being moved across state lines (except in the case of a few exemptions), to be identified and have veterinary documents.

Peak farmland? Some researchers say it’s here – NPR’s The Salt

Enough farmland exists to feed a growing global population now and into the future, according to new research from Rockefeller University.


Food safety

Children more likely to be sickened by foodborne illnessFood Safety News

The higher rates may be linked to more medical care for sick children rather than adults.

Poultry products from Taiwan banned – Manila Times

The ban follows an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian flu.


Animal safety

The “other” dysplasia in large breed dogs – elbow dysplasia – Fully Vetted

Elbow dysplasia isn’t hip dysplasia’s sinister little cousin.

Recommendations to control spread of African Swine Fever – The Pig Site

Officials are trying to halt the spread of a disease that has led to more than $1 billion in losses from 2009-2012.

C. diff sniffing dogGerms and Worms Blog

Dogs may be able to detect Clostridium difficile, a bug of special concern to hospitals.

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